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We engineers have an affliction. It’s called “wanting to use the latest tech because it sounds cool, even though it’s technically more difficult.” Got that from the doctor’s office, it’s 100% legit. The diagnosis was written on my prescription for an over-the-counter monolith handbook. From 2004. Seriously though, we do this all the time. Every time something cool happens, we flock to it like moths to a campfire. And more often than not, we get burned.

I thought I was immune to this. I thought I knew better. So I thought that when I became interested in microservices, I was…


Hey Siri, what’s next?

More popular touchpoints, such as wearables, might be a more attractive touchpoint. Source: Apple.

Medium is dominated by white people from North America. As an Asian guy from Malaysia, it’s super obvious. Because North America and Malaysia are worlds apart. The politics. The culture. The way we say things, even in the same language. And last but not least, the tech.

I was born in the year 2000. So it’s not like I grew up in the Dark Ages, before the internet was a thing. And yet I didn’t start going online actively until 2012. That’s strange. Because plenty of things happened on the internet after the dot com bubble. Web 2.0. Facebook. Google…

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Let’s talk about money. But not the good things, this time. This time, let’s look at all the things we usually sweep under the rug. Bring out the dirt. Whip out those scarlet letters. It’s time to talk about the best, worst, funniest story of money I’ve got.

Like that time I woke up one day and thought, “You know, I should just make my own trading bots. And I should do it from scratch.” Preposterous. But what’s even more preposterous is the fact that I pulled through. Many months, one company, and countless hours training an engineer later, I’m…

Careful what you wish for.

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A while ago, a friend sent me a strange message. A concerning message. In this message, they mentioned wanting to be me. And though that was just a passing example to make a different point, I was shocked. Because that’s a terrible, terrible thing to want.

On the surface, things look great over here. I’ve got more than enough to survive, I’m decently talented, and my personality isn’t the worst. Plus, I have something that can’t be bought: Time.

I’m just 21, running my own tech company, writing music, and moving my career along. Recently, I even met a girl…

You won’t like it, but it’ll work.

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Starting a business might be one of the most casually destructive actions you could possibly take. Right alongside stabbing your eye out with an ice pick. Or using pepperoni pizza as underwear. It can easily get out of hand. Swallow up your energy, time, and social life. It’s hard. But there are some blanket strategies — applicable to most situations — that really helped me. And here’s the most useful one.

I came to this revelation with the help of my dear friend, an acoustic guitar. Several weeks ago, I decided to write music for a very special girl I…

Welcome to hell.

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Complexity is a strange thing. There’s a threshold beyond which it’s indistinguishable from magic. But anything before that feels impossible. It’s like a valley on the far side of a mountain. Before you get to the top, all you see is a mountain. You have no idea what lies on the other side. Which reminds me of trading bots quite a lot.

The complexity of trading bots is like a mountain range. Just a series of valleys behind mountains, each hidden until you get to the peaks. People don’t know what goes on here. What it’s really like. Today, I’ll…

“Whatever you do, it’ll be ______.”

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It’s not often that I take advice. I’m way too stubborn. Every thought that I don’t come up with myself is merely a suggestion. So when a 16 year old girl dropped something on me that actually stuck, I knew it was worth something. Here’s the strangest — and sweetest — life advice I’ve ever been given.

It was just another conference call. One of our regulars. Psychologically, this young lady and I are both high in openness — one of the reasons we get along so well. That means you could be listening to our conversation, hear every word…

It’s straightforward, but not easy.

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What does it take to do hard things? Think about the hardest things you’ve ever done. Getting through some crappy college class? Landing a job? Courting a partner? Building a company? In all these situations, I believe there’s one thing that would disproportionately help you achieve the goal. It’s straightforward, but not easy. And I learned about it with the help of my dear friend.

She’s a real beauty, my dear friend. Sleek, gorgeous body. Radiant voice that makes your heart sing. Her gentle bends are made to be straddled across my lap. And that’s exactly what I do, every…

And everything will sort itself out.

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Four thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money for an odd-shaped piece of wood. And yet there I was, about to buy it. I could feel myself about to pull the trigger. The first time I picked up that guitar, I knew it was coming home with me. And I wasn’t too happy about it. But I had a feeling it wasn’t about the guitar. It was bigger than that. It was about a life mistake. Or rather, avoiding one.

Still, the damn piece of wood was four thousand dollars. And I didn’t even know how to play it. I…

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My job is generally the object of admiration. But I don’t think that’s a good thing. When people admire what I do, it sounds like they’re saying they want to be brave like a kamikaze pilot. Good intent, I suppose. But the plan could use some work.

I build an operate trading bots. Computer systems that buy and sell assets on a short term basis for the purpose of turning a profit. Which sounds pretty cool, especially if you’re infected with the Dogecoin and crypto bug that’s making its way around, now. But one of my favorite things to do…

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