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We engineers have an affliction. It’s called “wanting to use the latest tech because it sounds cool, even though it’s technically more difficult.” Got that from the doctor’s office, it’s 100% legit. The diagnosis was written on my prescription for an over-the-counter monolith handbook. From 2004. Seriously though, we do this all the time. Every time something cool happens, we flock to it like moths to a campfire. And more often than not, we get burned.

I thought I was immune to this. I thought I knew better. So I thought that when I became interested in microservices, I was…


Hey Siri, what’s next?

More popular touchpoints, such as wearables, might be a more attractive touchpoint. Source: Apple.

Medium is dominated by white people from North America. As an Asian guy from Malaysia, it’s super obvious. Because North America and Malaysia are worlds apart. The politics. The culture. The way we say things, even in the same language. And last but not least, the tech.

I was born in the year 2000. So it’s not like I grew up in the Dark Ages, before the internet was a thing. And yet I didn’t start going online actively until 2012. That’s strange. Because plenty of things happened on the internet after the dot com bubble. Web 2.0. Facebook. Google…

Prepare to be disappointed.

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Every time I use an anecdote about my job, I get assaulted by people who want in. I’ve said it before: I don’t get the hype around trading bots. To me, it’s just another job. I’ve had many strange ones. And this is no different. But I do recognize that it’s hard to find resources on this, if you’re determined to get started. So I thought I’d share my path to algorithmic riches to help some people out.

First of all, get rid of that expectation in your head. Not everyone who uses trading bots is rich. And honestly, it’s…

Nothing to do with looks.

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I just know this’ll come across wrong. What else would it sound like if you were a straight man writing about his preferences in women? There’s no saving my reputation. But I’ll take one for the team. So just suck it up for a few minutes, and take some notes.

Over the years, I’ve blurted out some desirable female traits in casual conversation that sparked surprise. As it kept happening, I realized virtually none of the women I know have this information. So I thought it’d be fun to spill the tea. Give a man’s perspective. After all, women do…

My job is just another job.

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What do Dogecoin, a new Taylor Swift album, and the next iPhone have in common? Hype. People anticipate them. Ostensibly expecting them to be good. It’s not always unwarranted — Taylor Swift’s discography, for one, never disappoints. But I always find it interesting to dissect the subjects of our mass interest. Another example of hype, albeit not to the same degree, is trading bots.

No matter who you are, that word probably conjures images of a billionaire cruising down Wall Street in a Rolls Royce. Smoking a blunt made of a rolled $100 bill. Blowing smoke dollar signs into the…

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Do you ever wake up and just know, in your bones, that something is off? As your eyes crack open, you see the morning sunshine oozing in through the window. But it looks dark. One corner of the bed is in the sun. But it feels icy to the touch. You look around and see a regular day. A beautiful day. But it sure doesn’t feel that way. Is that just me? Or have you been burned out before, too? If you have, I think I found us something helpful. Or, at least, something that probably won’t hurt more.


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Ask a creative person to find the best solution out of three, and they’ll find five. Because lateral thinking. Handy stuff. I would know, I was born with it. According to many personality assessments, I’m high in openness. Which means my thinking jumps all over the place. You can tell from my habits and my lifestyle. I have that to thank for my career, sure, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. From the outside, creative thinking looks sweet. But there’s a big problem: Money.

You’d think the ability to generate novel ideas would be pretty valuable. And it sure…

No hate, just shower thoughts.

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Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that most of the things in our lives are determined by something greater? Never seemed like an attractive idea, to me. But sometimes, things work out in the strangest ways. And that’s when I second guess myself. In this case, I’ve been second guessing myself for six years. A long time to take to make a mistake. And yet here we are.

It’s not engineering, it’s me. Not sure if other engineers can relate to this, but I don’t think I’m cut out to be an engineer. When I wrote my first…

Reflections on being out of this world.

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Some people are born with a gift. A skill almost impossible to learn if you don’t already have it. A skill that allows you to fabricate entire worlds out of thin air. Then show them to people and make them feel things. The skill is creativity. And I was fortunate enough to be born with it. Runs in my dad’s side of the family. So I’ve gotten to know it decently well. Plus, birds of a feather flock together. I’ve bumped into a bunch of creatives over the years, too. …

You probably don’t want to be passive, anyway.

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I was just 15. Way too young for such an affliction. Alas, life is cruel. The innocent are simply fodder to a heartless greater hand that crushes as quickly as it creates. I mean, why else would I get cursed with ambition?

Ambition. At first glance, it sounds like a great idea. Why wouldn’t you want to be driven to do big things? And I agree, to some extent. At 21 ripe years of age, I’m doing better than most. Financially, emotionally, generally. I’ve got some nice things going for myself. And it’s mostly because I’ve always aimed far and…

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