The Easiest Way to Jeopardize Your Performance

We get so busy that we ignore it…

Wednesday morning. The heritage district. Penang, Malaysia. I tugged the glass door tentatively, but it didn’t budge. Right behind it stood a colonial-era interior, juxtaposed with modern European furniture. One of the most beautiful co-working spaces I had ever seen.

Soon enough, a slender lady in a white blouse padded towards the glass door. She tapped her keycard and cracked the door open tentatively. “Yes, can I help you?” Usually, I’d get annoyed by this harmless question. I’m not a fan of small talk. They knew I had an appointment. I just needed to lease an office, and get back to work. If it were anyone else, I would’ve shot back a tacit response. But this lady was different.

Tall. Asian. Wavy, shoulder-length hair. Her poise was curious yet tactful. She looked smart, but not uninviting. Which was super refreshing, since the skill I usually see is harsh and brutish. To me, “skill” means arrogant white men talking about something complicated like they don’t want you to actually get it. That’s what I’m used to. But this lady was different. She sounded sharp, yet soft and warm.

So I humored her for a minute. I told her about my appointment for a tour. To which she said there were none on the schedule. And honestly, that made me kind of glad. She was incredibly pleasant to talk to. The longer, the better.

Soon, they sorted things out internally, and I went through the tour. Gorgeous space, gorgeous office, whatever. That wasn’t the point. The first impression had already been made at the door. So at the conclusion of the tour, I signed a lease right away.

I’m a simple man. Honestly, the main reason I signed that contract was because of the cute lady who answered the door. That’s it. It’s not always super deep. Impulsive? Maybe. But guess who I’m seeing every day, starting from the 1st of March?

My point is, we mustn’t forget to have fun every now and then in life. Ignoring it cripples performance. You can’t do your best with your hands tied together. Reach out. Shoot your shot. Go get what excites you. That’s when you’ll be at your best.

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