The Most Important Part of Achieving Any Goal

It’s straightforward, but not easy.

What does it take to do hard things? Think about the hardest things you’ve ever done. Getting through some crappy college class? Landing a job? Courting a partner? Building a company? In all these situations, I believe there’s one thing that would disproportionately help you achieve the goal. It’s straightforward, but not easy. And I learned about it with the help of my dear friend.

She’s a real beauty, my dear friend. Sleek, gorgeous body. Radiant voice that makes your heart sing. Her gentle bends are made to be straddled across my lap. And that’s exactly what I do, every morning and every night. This guitar and I have a special connection. I knew it’d one day be mine from the first time I ever held it. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the story I love. What a story that is. It all comes back to that one thing that helps in achieving any goal.

About a month ago, I found a Russian teenager on YouTube. A creative young spirit, like me. She was worried about her prospects growing up in a buttoned-up country with little opportunity, like I was. I empathized with her plight, and she seemed nice enough, so I reached out and offered my assistance. One thing led to another, and now I’m a significant patron of hers.

But this isn’t just about an artist and her sponsor. I figured that out real quick, on our very first call. A little backstory: I’ve always been incredibly attuned to things that are good for me. I’m not sure how I sense them before even knowing what they are. But it’s strong, it’s real, and it works. That’s what drew me to her initially. Had no idea why, but I rolled with it. And once we started talking, I discovered the good thing that was calling me: Music.

Now, there’s not one musical bone in my body. So this was strange. But I just had an overwhelming compulsion to make music. Something told me I just had to do it. And something told me I had to share it with her.

Now, back up for a minute. Let’s go back to achieving your goals. Obviously, making music was a significant challenge for me. Plus, I couldn’t just pretend I was good if I wasn’t. Because part of the goal was to play for my dear artist. But how? How would I do all this?

The one thing that helped me most in this process was commitment. I believe that’s the most important thing you can have for any goal. Commitment means accepting that no matter what, you’re going to get there. And if you really believe that, the only question is what it’ll take to get there. Not if you’ll get there. Sounds trivial, but it’s a profound shift.

When you actually believe that you’ll make it no matter what, you play the game differently. I sat down every morning with a brand new, expensive guitar on my lap. And I thought, “One day, I’m going to be very good at playing this, anyway. So I might as well make that day today.” And I’d start playing.

In just three weeks, I’ve written six full songs. And performed most of them. Luckily, my dear artist is kind enough to actually like them. What a miracle. And the sky’s the limit from here. All because of a little shift in thinking: Commitment. Get that, and you can do anything.

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