Hey Siri, what’s next?

More popular touchpoints, such as wearables, might be a more attractive touchpoint. Source: Apple.

Medium is dominated by white people from North America. As an Asian guy from Malaysia, it’s super obvious. Because North America and Malaysia are worlds apart. The politics. The culture. The way we say things, even in the same language. And last but not least, the tech.

I was born in the year 2000. So it’s not like I grew up in the Dark Ages, before the internet was a thing. And yet I didn’t start going online actively until 2012. That’s strange. Because plenty of things happened on the internet after the dot com bubble. Web 2.0. Facebook. Google…

Breaking down the mind of a fighter.

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Once upon a time, I was in college. Most of us are, at some point. Though it wasn’t as painful for you as it was for me. That, I’m certain of. I mean, the depression hit me just two days in. Four years for a bachelor’s degree was starting to sound delusional. I wasn’t sure I’d make it four weeks.

Because the way I see it, there’s two types of people in this world: Fighters, and followers. Most people are followers, which is why the world works. That’s far from a bad thing. Nothing would get done if everyone tried…

It’s actually the freedom you create.

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Pungent dust. That’s what the strange thing tasted like. I only realized it was there as I was swallowing. So I didn’t make much of it. Though after a while, it became clear to me that I had made a mistake. It’s like the pungent dust stung my throat all the way down. I could almost feel the burn straight down to my stomach. I guess that’s what you get for eating old yogurt out of the trash can: Some sketchy mold.

But things were dicey back then. That’s what you get for dropping out of college at 19. Of…

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People often ask me what I know about math. Surely, a guy who makes autonomous day trading algorithms is highly skilled with numbers? Alas, I always disappoint. Because honestly, I’m not a numbers guy. I learned my multiplication tables when I was 15. My stomach churns at the slightest hint of algebra. And the calculus I did in high school? Forget it. I mean, a certain strong quality of mine made me good at it. But it was never natural.

“So if you’re not good at math, what are you good at?” My answer to this next question also disappoints…

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If you had told me three years ago, back when I was dumpster diving, that I’d soon be making cryptocurrency trading bots, I would’ve laughed in your face. “Get out of here,” I would’ve said through a mouthful of yogurt that was a touch too sour. Because three years isn’t a long time to put your life back together. Yet somehow, here I am. Ended a long-term relationship. Dropped out of school with no plan. Dropped out of the comfy job I got afterwards. Lost my entire social circle during the first lockdown because I became a monster. But I…

Having nothing isn’t so bad.

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There was no “outfit of the day” when I was growing up. Because you had no options. There were three tops and four bottoms. And half of those looked the same as the other half. What are you doing to do? And don’t even get me started on the kicks. I didn’t touch a Nike sneaker until I was 16. Quirks of the small world on the small island where I grew up. Middle class family. Every spare penny was saved. Everything was about safety. And it killed me.

I can’t say I hated growing up here. Sure, it was…

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Two weeks. Two people. That’s all we had to finish our first major project. It was our first shot as a new company. Talk about jumping in the deep end. To make matters worse, we were making a day trading bot platform. The stars were aligned for our failure. Even I was skeptical of our success at the beginning of that fortnight of hell. But to everyone’s surprise, including my own, we made it.

This mad pace? This mad rush? This is how we handle every project. It doesn’t matter if we have two months or two years for a…

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I was sixteen years old when I got my first pair of Nike sneakers. Having been born in 2000, this is unusual. Nike was already a household name by the time I got to middle school. So I hopped on the wagon late. Only discovered sneaker culture in the middle of high school. And it ended up influencing my career in tech significantly.

In case you haven’t figured it out already, this isn’t a conventional tech story. If you can’t handle that, you probably don’t need to read further. I like telling stories as they happened. And life doesn’t stick…

This is why I never lose.

Alexander the Great statue. Source; Biblioteka

Back in 2020, I made good money day trading bitcoin. And before you take to Twitter to curse my name, let me ground this in reality by saying it wasn’t as glamorous as it sounds. Sure, I grew my account 43% on my best month. But the daily routine? Despicable. I’m surprised I’m not dead. Or mentally incapacitated.

I’d wake up at 9 in the morning, check the charts, and scout some positions. My trades last anywhere from 20 minutes to 16 hours, depending on the chart and the opportunities. That’s a relatively short timeframe. So I always have to…

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One week in, I thought I was going to fire him. My first engineer, a friend from high school, was wearing my patience thin. Sure, he was just a second-year computer science student. I couldn’t expect him to know everything. But I was getting tired of playing professor. We needed to move nimbly to grow the little company. And he was dead weight.

It’s not that his tasks were Herculean. He just didn’t have much experience. Combine with a classic student’s bias towards learning instead of impact, and you’ve got a real problem. There’s never a spot for that in…

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